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Majesty is dedicated to helping students excel in their education and develop a love for Christ. Grades K-12. The school is located at Yigo Baptist Church. Our staff consists of highly qualified professionals who are committed to providing a quality education with personal and individualized attention to each student. Our vision is to provide an environment where students can excel and reach their fullest potential for God.

MCA Graduates Receive An Accredited Diploma from Abeka Academy in FL.

Receive An Accredited High School Diploma and Transcript
Your child's education will be accredited by both MSA CESS and FACCS, which can help you meet state homeschool requirements and college admissions requirements.
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Majesty Christian Academy offers an individualized education. New students are given a diagnostic test to determine their grade level. Each student has the opportunity to progress at their own learning pace, leading to overall success. Christian values are taught on an everyday basis, helping students to grow in their faith journey. The friendly staff here at MCA wants to see your children succeed!

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Call: 671-489-5004
Email: majestychristianacademy@gmail.com

Learn English at Majesty Christian Academy.

Majesty Christian Academy provides an excellent learning environment for international students who are wanting to learn English in Guam. ESL students can join in our classes to learn English among other English-speaking students.

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Island Adventure! Summer Camp.

Come join us for some Summer Fun on our beautiful island of Guam! Our teachers desire to instill in students a passion for learning and a passion for serving others. Together, we will have fun exploring English, Math, and the island of Guam!

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Green Space.

Majesty Christian Academy has a third of an acre of green space. Studies show that the students who attended schools with more green spaces showed a 5 percent improvement in working memory, a type of short-term memory that's critical for reasoning, learning and comprehension.

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